SSS® NexGen Bucketless Mopping System w/Pocket Frame

Item # SSS46009

  • Ideal where conventional buckets and wringers are impractical. Reduces chemical usage. Reduces hand fatigue.
  • Includes: handle, 32 oz bottle, pocket frame mop
  • Includes: secondary labels, decals, and instruction sheet
Alternate #46009
  • Description

Works in many applications including: custodial, housekeeping and environmental services. Excellent for use in healthcare, schools, retail and commercial facilities. Click on/off flow actuator works like a ball point pen and applies the precise amount of cleaning solution, save money on chemicals. Click-on/off actuator eliminates the need to continually squeeze a trigger. 16" heavy-duty frame fits SSS NexGen TB (pocket style) microfiber mop pads.